Stanley Kubrick

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Year Film Director Producer Writer Other Notes
1951 Day of the Fight Yes Yes Yes Yes Short documentary; Himself (uncredited cameo), cinematographer, editor (uncredited); sound department (uncredited).
Flying Padre Yes Yes Yes Short documentary; Cinematographer; uncredited as writer
1953 Fear and Desire Yes Yes Yes Cinematographer and editor; sound department (uncredited)
The Seafarers Yes Yes Short documentary; Cinematographer, editor and sound department
1955 Killer’s Kiss Yes Yes Yes Yes Story, cinematographer and editor
1956 The Killing Yes Yes Producer (uncredited)
1957 Paths of Glory Yes Yes Producer (uncredited)
1960 Spartacus Yes
1962 Lolita Yes Uncredited as screenwriter and producer
Actor: Man in Mansion Interior (uncredited cameo)
1964 Dr. Strangelove Yes Yes Yes
1968 2001: A Space Odyssey Yes Yes Yes Yes Special photographic effects designer and director
1971 A Clockwork Orange Yes Yes Yes Additional camera operator (uncredited)
1975 Barry Lyndon Yes Yes Yes
1980 The Shining Yes Yes Yes Co-written with Diane Johnson
1987 Full Metal Jacket Yes Yes Yes Yes Actor: Murphy (uncredited voice cameo)
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Yes Yes Yes Co-written with Frederic Raphael, additional camera operator (uncredited)
Actor: Bearded Cafe Patron (uncredited cameo)
2001 A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Yes Concept and original story outline (uncredited)



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